eWallet Update 02

Last updated 4 months ago

Howdy! We’re back for another quick update on this week’s eWallet progress.

The focus for this week was to continue testing, refactoring and fixing bugs. We also took a good chunk of time to “evangelize” the eWallet inside Omise and OmiseGO by doing a demo to Omise’s sales team as well as an internal demo to everyone in OmiseGO as part of our monthly gathering.

What has been done on the eWallet?

  • We’ve almost doubled the amount of End to End (E2E) tests - and found a few bugs along the way.

  • Improved sample seed, including initial user funds, exchange pairs, some sample transaction requests and consumptions (#325)

  • Fixed a bug on /transaction.create that fails on exchange transactions with rate of 1 (#317)

  • Looked into API documentation improvements (#328)

  • Fixed double-sending of the consumption confirmation event (#315)

  • Fixed permissions for transaction requests / consumptions (#316)

  • Added tests for transactions, wallets and tokens in the Admin Panel (#322, #324, #326)

  • Started to design wireframes for new sample applications: a mobile POS system and a user application show how transactions can happen for real-world scenarios like buying a cup of coffee.

The next steps:

  • Clean up all static analysis (Dialyzer) warnings

  • Initial load testing on the eWallet server

  • E2E testing for admin panel

  • Readme and documentation improvements

  • Set up a caching layer for generated JSON representations

  • Refactor and add more tests for websockets in the Android SDK

  • Simplify deployment procedure

  • Better configuration error reporting

We’ve also resumed active recruitment! We’re currently looking for 2 backend Elixir devs, 1 frontend and 1 devops.